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Catchy catchy –
U coght my ays,
U coght ma ha
ha heart.
No no!

Chi chi
I need my freedom.
Er er
early feel just blinds
up my passy of man.
so lick
my running eggs,

Trying to clean up
but U are not to be
erased, so what?
No, no! Or yes?
Monogamic tender now!

O ketch me!
Just tell me
my disturbationability –
gif me Ur
deep brown glimpse!
U rr rrr rock
my kok!

Onliest speech –
my interest
Ur breast
Brown is the colour
of Ur nipple ays.

Let me!
Take me!
Let me alone
with U.
Won’t? Cleanup –
fails again
The warm up

Common grasp –
understanding wordless

Brown versus grey –
erupting habit

Ur leadership –
my dream

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